Chef Bari will look closely at the geography and your customer. Did you know cliental base dictates what kind of menu you should be catering to ? 


Uniquely, Chef Bari is experienced in art and design, something you don’t find in every chef. With over 35 years in the hospitality business from classic fine dining restaurants to private golf clubs, Chef Bari has worked beside known celebrity chefs, such as Corbin Tomaszeski who we’ve seen on FoodTV Network. Corbin and I have worked side-by-side at the Edmonton Petroleum Club for a few years. 

As well, Chef Bari has had his 15 minutes in fame, being guest chef on Global Noon News (CFRN), and education TV networks in Canada 🇨🇦.  

He has also experienced in writing cookbooks specifically designed for your restaurant. Each recipe is meticulously tested and retested, to ensure you have a time-tested product your customer will be so impressed, they’ll have WOW effect. 

Chef Bari will only work on one project at a time, to ensure his full attention is on YOU and your restaurant needs. We will preform a cost effect product designed with the right food cost you should be charging your customer, so you are making money and not falling behind. 

If you’re looking for logo design, Bari has your back ! 

To recap : 

Chef Bari’s Consulting Services : 

  1. Help design your menu with time-tested recipes specifically for your cliental. 
  2. Design a logo that will stand out in the crowd.
  3. Design your very own cookbook specifically for your restaurant. 
  4. One on One Project at one time, ensuring you my complete attention. 

Costs : 

  1. Designing recipes and menus cost is $45 per hour. 
  2. Designing a cookbook costs depends on a ebook or hard copy. 
  3. Ebook costs are $45 per hour. 
  4. Hard Copy Design depends on the customers requirements :  such as if you require professional photographers food photos. OR you require FULL Formatting design.  Maybe you’re just looking for a manuscript only.  Please contact Chef Bari for costs adjustments and recommendations. 

Contact Chef Bari for more information on your personal needs. Maybe there’s something else I can help you with as a chef, that’s not here. 

Please Note : I no longer do banquet functions or Personal Chef in home cooking. However, I will consider cooking PLANNED Dinners for a family up to six quests. As well, I will only do a short work load, to ensure I’m concentrating on your family needs.  The cost is : $45 per hour plus food costs and taxes. 

Let’s make something together.