Happy Anniversary

This is a quick Blog Post — Happy 44 Anniversary Lovely Patricia 🥰 This photo was from our stay @SunscapeResorts last year — Need to make another visit to Cancun area Cheers ! Chef Bari

Biography of Chef Bari

If there was a biography about you, what would the title be? Chef Bari came from humble beginnings. Being raised by his mom, he spent most of his time in his grandfather’s kitchen, cooking up authentic Italian dishes from his grandfather’s homeland, Corropoli, within the Abruzzo Region of Italy. Grandpa Tony Varze taught his grandson…

Brand New Theme for Chef Bari

Good Evening to all my Foodies, Chef Mode and Recipe Followers! I’m super excited to introduce my new WordPress Theme for Chef Bari. It’s my hope you’ll find the new Theme easier to navigate and have fun searching for all the tasty recipes I have in store for you. With that note — you can…


BBQ Tomahawk Steaks w/ Smoker BBQ Hey Guys ! Chef Bari here. Just came back from a wonderful trip to Yarmouth Nova Scotia. First timer visiting Eastern Canada, and I must say, the Canadian Acadian Culture in Nova Scotia is indeed a plus. We had the opportunity to visit the Historic Acadian Village in southern…

Medals and Accomplishments – Chef Bari

CHEF BARI PERSONAL RESUME —- Thank you for stopping by and your interest in Chef Bari. I’m retired from the hospitality field, however I had a full filled career as an certified Red Seal Executive to Personal Chef working at the finest Resort Hotels and Private Clubs across Alberta and British Columbia for 20 years….