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Chef Bari was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but raised in Vernon, BC. most of his teenage life. His parents owned and operated the Spudnut Shop franchise in Vernon. It was here he learned how to make Spudnuts ( potato – flour Donuts) with his father. 

During Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC he explored the “Fine Arts” Program for two years. Then headed to Cariboo College in Kamloops to finalize his training as an Architectural Tech. 

However, after pursuing his architectural dream of becoming an architect, he had a serious mishap and ended in the hospital for a good year. Penniless he decided to go back into the hospitality industry. His first apprenticeship job was at the Derrick Golf and Winter Club in Edmonton, Alberta, working along side Executive Chef Marcel Paron. His cooking trade started with Chef Marcel and continued with several distinguished Worldly Chefs, working at such places as Hotel McDonald, Banff Springs, Convention Inn South, Fantasyland Hotel and the Edmonton Petroleum Club. 

During this time, he pursued the two year Culinary program at N.A.I.T. He also spent a year perfecting his cordon bleu skills with French Executive Chef Angelo. After building his career from Cook I , Cook II, Cook III, Chef de Partie, Junior Sous Chef, Sous Chef to Executive Sous Chef, he finally became Chef of his own restaurants and private clubs throughout British Columbia and Alberta. 

In all of this, 35 years past by quickly – creating several thousands of recipes, all too normal to any other Chef. His love for the Outdoors, he would use his expertise to develop quick gourmet dishes while out camping in the Alpine Northwest Region. In 2000 he decided to write a theme cookbook that would relate to his experiences outdoors (in memory of his daughter Jenni Michelle Demers) who unfortunately died at a young age. He was concerned to make the cookbook interactive for children to honour his daughter. Canadian Recipes of The Great White North was born, where children can enjoy the illustrations of wildlife , while mom & dad are preparing the recipe. 

What better way to help mom or Dad preparing a meal. 
Children are interactive, looking at the wildlife illustrations and learning how to cook. 

Please take a moment by supporting Chef Bari’s efforts.

Please buy my cookbook “Canadian Recipes of the Great White North”. 

Thank you,

Chef Bari



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