A Brand New Look and 3rd Edition of Canadian Recipes of the Great White North 2020

I have great news ! I have just finished my third edition of my cookbook‘Canadian Recipes of the Great White North’ , featuring a brand new look for 2020. 

First and foremost you’ll see the new cover and jacket of my cookbook, completely redesigned. Secondly, I have 25 percent more recipes, including our granny’s secret bun recipe. Not only that but now your kids or grandchildren have the opportunity to colour and draw on their very own pages throughout my cookbook.  We are also featuring a children’s recipe corner they too can participate in. 

There’s now an update of my company “Canadian Northwest Company” presenting new goals, as well as branching out to becoming its very own publishing company.

It’s more then a cookbook- it’s the beginning of a new enterprise.
Pick up your copy of Canadian Recipes of the Great White North – 3rd edition 2020, while supplies last, during my low cost of only $16.95 , ready to purchase exclusively on Amazon. 



I would like to take this time to thank my family for their support, as well, my cookbook is in memory of our daughter, Jenni Michelle Demers

Thank you and get your copy today ! CLICK HERE

Note : If you have an Amazon App, it may tend to pull you automatically over to the .com page. Just stay on the AMAZON .CA Page. All you have to do is follow my LINK HERE.

My cookbook is also available available in the USA and internationally too.


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