Marinara Sauce

When I was 16 years old I started earning money as a dishwasher at our only Athens Pizza and Steakhouse in Vernon, B.C., Canada way back in the 1960’s. In 1968, I had no idea at the time Jim Treliving of Boston Pizza just bought his own Boston Pizza restaurant in Penticton, B.C.  Had I […]

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Texas Style Bomboloni Spudnuts

Texas Style Bomboloni Spudnuts filled with Nutella and whip cream are a wonderful Christmas treat for the whole family.  A Bomboloni is an Italian filled doughnut eaten as a continental breakfast or dessert throughout any occasion.  A Spudnut is a American creation by two brothers, Bob and Al Pelton from Salt Lake City. They began […]

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Who is Chef Bari

Thought I do a YouTube video about me – Chef Bari. My first apprenticeship job was at the Derrick Golf and Winter Club in Edmonton, Alberta, working along side Executive Chef Marcel Paron. My cooking trade started with Chef Marcel and continued with several distinguished Worldly Chefs, working at such places as Hotel McDonald, Banff […]

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Super Quick Meals

Are you in a rush ? The typical scenario is your coming home late from work or the kids are having an event at school and you’re rushed to make a hot meal. Normally you would head to the closest fast-food drive-through to order your dinner. You know it’s not nutritious and causes an unbalanced […]

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Winter Red Lentil and Ham Soup

It’s winter here in the Canadian Northwest, otherwise known as The Great White North for good reason. Warm comfort dishes are indeed a welcome feature during our long winters.  Hot Soups warm the soul. Today’s recipe is ‘Winter Lentil and Ham Soup – I hope you enjoy making this hearty soup along with me.  Winter […]

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Old Fashion Apple Pie

Originally posted on chefbari:
You’ve heard the old saying before,” As American as Apple Pie” Well, this time it’s “O Canada, it’s time to make Apple Pie.”  I’m not sure why, but I always get this urge to make an Apple Pie in December- Go figure! My Apple Pie by Chef Bari is using the…