The Essence Of Hollandaise Sauce By Chef Bari

Eggs Benedict by Chef Bari

 The essence of Hollandaise is truly a remarkable Mother Sauce adding a wonderful tasting dish from appetizers, desserts, breakfast to Brunch and main courses.  

The five Mother Sauces are : 

  1. Béchamel – a white sauce made with a roux (equal portion of butter and flour sauté before adding liquid) and milk. 
  2. Espagnole – is referred to as a brown rich sauce, which is reduced to obtain the flavours within the sauce.  
  3. Hollandaise – is egg based sauce (usually egg yokes) and butter oil ( butter oil is without the whey milk – Clear)
  4. Tomato – as said, tomato based sauce. Self explanatory.
  5. Velouté – using a veal, chicken or fish stock (light stocks). Prepare a blond roux ( equal portion of butter and flour lightly sauté before adding stock).  

But today, let’s talk about Hollandaise sauce.

Throughout my 30 years as Chef I’ve used this amazing sauce with BBQ, poached and pan-fried Coho Salmon, that I personally caught out the ocean (Strait of Juan de Fuca ) off of Vancouver Island.  The perks being Canadian, you know. 

By the way (#BTW) the secret to any dish, is how fresh is it ? 

Anyway, as said, 10-20 lbs. of Salmon is indeed a treat for all to feast on. This delectable tasting fish goes hand-in-hand with Hollandaise Sauce.  

However, Hollandaise Sauce is mostly recognized with Eggs Benedict, another classic for a breakfast or brunch. You also have the option to make a derivative sauce from the base hollandaise, to another tasting Béarnaise sauce (use of shallots, chervil, peppercorns and tarragon in white wine vinegar mixed into the Hollandaise sauce).

Making Hollandaise Sauce by Chef Bari

Hollandaise or Béarnaise sauce goes well with poached shrimp or even ice cold jumbo (21/25 count) shrimp. Scampis, lobster and Tiger shrimp are also a great with Hollandaise. But Béarnaise especially goes great with New York Steak, Prime Rib and Filet Mignon. It’s great to make a surf and turf, meaning have your steak with scallops, lobster, shrimp or King Crab Nappé ( lightly coat ) with a nice Béarnaise sauce on top. Bon Appetite!  

Super yummy dish! 

The Essence of Hollandaise Sauce is truly the Queen of Sauces fit any for Queen, King, President or us common folk, waiting to indulged in the best cuisine that life has to offer. 


Next time you want to impress your guests, treat them to a dish with Hollandaise sauce. Be sure to check out how to make Hollandaise sauce by clicking here from my earlier blog and be sure to read my recipes.

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By Chef Bari


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