My Legacy

What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

As an author it’s my passion to create a legacy through my writing of short stories and science fiction novels, like Black Angels, for example. With my years of experience as a chef, it’s important for me to pass along my published cookbook, “Canadian Recipes of the Great White North” dedicated to our daughter Jenni Michelle, who tragically died at a young age. My cookbook is also designed so children can read it too. You could say it’s Jenni’s legacy too.

The Great Canadian Cookbook is the perfect outdoor cooking and camping cookbook made specifically for the whole family, featuring adventurous stories of the Great Gold Rush to close calls with a 1200 Ib Bull moose. Canadian Recipes of the Great White North is also a great Canadian souvenir collection reaching across the world. It’s my mission for the whole world to read about my book. So far, it’s in Japan, UK, USA, Australia and Germany.

As said, it’s also my legacy for everyone to enjoy my passion for science-fiction and the chance to read my published novel, Black Angels. I am a big science fiction fan and would love to share my Scifi stories with you all. Bari Marcus Anthony was passed down to me by my Mom who told me it’s related to my ancestral bloodline of Marcus Antonius.

Please take a moment to purchase my book Black Angels — The Origin. You’ll be surprised to learn where all our ancestral line first came from. It truly is out-of-this-world

In Conclusion:

Whatever happens in our future and the legacy each one of us leaves behind depends on the living. We can only hope that our time on earth was meaningful.

Thank you,

Chef Bari


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