Who is Chef Bari

Thought I do a YouTube video about me – Chef Bari. My first apprenticeship job was at the Derrick Golf and Winter Club in Edmonton, Alberta, working along side Executive Chef Marcel Paron. My cooking trade started with Chef Marcel and continued with several distinguished Worldly Chefs, working at such places as Hotel McDonald, Banff Springs, Convention Inn South, Fantasyland Hotel and the Edmonton Petroleum Club.

During this time, I pursued the two year Culinary program at N.A.I.T. During my cook trade school studies, I became the top culinary arts in my field in 1989, where I was presented a trophy and small bursary. You may still see my name on the trophy today at N.A.I.T. Also spent a year perfecting my cordon bleu skills with French Executive Chef Angelo. After building his career from Cook I , Cook II, Cook III, Chef de Partie, Junior Sous Chef, Sous Chef to Executive Sous Chef, I finally became Chef of his own restaurants and private clubs throughout British Columbia and Alberta. 

Learn more about my Italian heritage HERE


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  1. Dan says:

    I knew Tony and Ruby Varze also Ron,Don and Roger. I worked at the store on 127 street.

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    1. chefbari says:

      Oh wow! That’s awesome Dan – it’s a small world isn’t it


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