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Hey There Travellers!

Most people enjoy travelling to a vacation spot, be it camping, local or International. Whatever is your oasis, it’s a great way to recharge, before getting back into the grind. As a chef, my profession requires time out, in order to deal with the long hours in the hospitality industry. Our first affordable oasis is Las Vegas, and, over time, we had the privilege to visit Cancun and Hawaii, once in our lifetime. Vegas keeps coming up as the travelling spot of our choice, due to financial affordability.

Everyone in the Vegas community know me as Traveling Chef Bari. My wife and I have been going to Vegas since the 1980’s. Our first stay was at Maxim Hotel, which today is the Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa. We also had the privilege to stay at Aladdin hotel in the 1990’s. Today, that hotel was transformed into Planet Hollywood.

Since those earlier days, we’ve seen a lot of Las Vegas and stayed at pretty much , most of the resorts on the Vegas Strip. We are indeed Vegas Lovers, never getting tired of the same vacation, because Vegas is constantly changing, offering new entertainment, tours and resorts to visit. The newest resort on the block is, of course, Resorts World.

Come join us on Twitter or FB or watch our vlogs on YouTube.

On Twitter you’ll get up to the minute Vegas Videos from our VegasLovers Group, showcasing everything Las Vegas, including the gambling at the casinos. If you don’t gamble, not a problem, Vegas offers everyone something different. Be sure to try out Vdara Hotel and Resort ; it’s a non-gambling resort. It’s sister resort, ARIA Resort and Casino offers an array of high end restaurants, plus quick grab-on-the-go.

As a retired Chef I enjoy Vegas as any other foodie, but with a keen eye on perfection, which Vegas restaurants have proved themselves, over and over, again. So, I’m not there to be picky. On the contrary, I’m there to enjoy the labour of love, each Chef puts into their menu. Being a Chef, like any other profession, takes time and a lot of hard work with long tedious labour, in order to reach for the top.

In Vegas, we have the top celebrity chefs showcasing their restaurants, such as Gordon Ramsey, Bobby Flay or Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, (showcasing the art of sushi). The point is, Vegas is teaming with professional chefs ready to serve you an whole new experience with food and fine dining.

Every time I visit their restaurants, I’m honoured to have the opportunity to experience their form of culinary art, knowing all to well, the hard work and time, it takes to be a Chef.

Wynn Poolside

About myself

I’m a retired red seal chef with over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Before I started my career as a chef, I was once an architectural technologist for a good 8 years, working for UMA Underwood Engineering in architectural and urban planning ; my personal highlight was planning for the Calgary Olympics.

After 1987, the economy crashed ; it forced me to move my family as far as Saskatchewan to continue my career. Unfortunately work became so scarce, this company went bankrupt and had no choice but go back into the hospitality industry that my parents did, when owning their restaurant, The Spudnut Shop, in Vernon, BC.

Changing careers trying to support my family was indeed challenging. I went into the apprenticeship program at a high end private golf course, working under French Chef, Marcel Paron and then Chef Angelo, struggling through the intense training throughout high end resort hotels to even more private golf clubs. Eventually I got my Red Seal in the cooking trade. Once that was done, I moved along the line, from Cook 1 , Cook 2 , Cook 3, Chef de Partie, Junior Sous Chef, Day Sous Chef to Executive Sous Chef. From there I went on to become a Chef for Private and Public establishments, including the armed forces as a Public servant Chef ( not military) at Lancaster Park.

Before all of this, however, I was an architectural technologist — you never know how many careers you may end up having. In the end, you experienced both professions under your belt. Today, I’m retired and guess what, I’m back to my college years writing science-fiction – lol

I miss the architectural aspect but still admire the architecture, and, as it is, Vegas showcases an ample portion of architectural bliss. My playland is Las Vegas where I can enjoy the food and the architecture at the same time.

In Conclusion:

Hope you can join me on Twitter as a group of us VegasLovers showcase our fun thru Vlogs on YouTube, giving our personal experiences of resorts, food, entertainment and tours.

See YOU in Vegas !

Cheers !

Chef Bari

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