Chicken Bacon Mushroom Fettuccini with Aioli sauce

Even though I formally call this dish : Chicken Bacon Mushroom Fettuccini with Aioli sauce, I actually made the North American version of Fettuccine Polo Carbonara in order to please our Canadian palate. In Italy 🇮🇹 this dish would NOT be referred to as Alfredo ; adding garlic toast in North America is common practice, not even available in Italy. If you asked for garlic toast they would say,” mamma mia !” meaning “ Oh my goodness!”

In Italy they would refer this dish as a Chicken Bacon & Mushroom Fettuccini in a rich cream Aioli sauce, hence the heading of my blog post.

That being said, my North American style Fettuccine Polo Carbonara consists of chicken, bacon, fresh mushrooms, chives, fresh minced garlic , 33 – 36 % whole cream , mixed in and topped with parmigiano reggiano. If parmigiano reggiano is not available, you can use mozzarella. To add that authentic taste, please try to buy parmigiano reggiano. I realize it’s expensive these days, however it’s common in Canada for guests to help pitch in the costs , so the host isn’t going to break-the-bank. Most guests will ask if there’s anything they can bring.

You gotta try my Signature Dish I served throughout the restaurants and private golf clubs being Executive Chef. Like me, you’ll receive praise and compliments from your guests.

It’s seriously delicious 😋

Yield : 6 guests

Note : Cut recipe in half if for 2-3 guests ( leftovers are intentional- lol )

Ingredients :

5 large chicken breasts ( cut into medium size cubes )

1 package of Bacon

2 cups of whole white mushrooms – sliced

4 cloves of minced garlic

1 bunch of chives or green onions

1 litre/ 1 quart ( of 33 or 34 % cream ( not half & half )

1/2 cup of grated parmigiano reggiano

Salt and Pepper to taste

Fettuccine — 2 oz ( dry) per person

Note : For added touch I would place a sprig of fresh sweet basil on top, however this dish doesn’t require basil in the dish; the fresh minced garlic is the key to the dish. Hence “ Aioli Sauce “.


1. Slice bacon into small pieces and place in a deep dish frying pan or a Crock Pot Artisan 5-Quart Braiser, which is a trend these days. ( photo below of Pot if you’re still wondering)

2. Sauté and stir Bacon under medium heat until done. You don’t want crispy in this case.

3. TIP : So bacon doesn’t constantly stick to the pan, add a few mushrooms to create moisture to the pan.

4. In a separate large pot begin cooking your Fettuccine in boiling water. Be sure the water is salted ( 3 tablespoons ) for large pot of water. Make sure the water is boiling before adding fettuccine. This is why you begin this stage now. Get that water to a rapid boil.

5. Once bacon is cooked add rest of mushrooms and sauté. Turn up burner to medium high heat.

6. Add garlic and chives and again Sauté.

7. Make a well in the middle of pan and start adding your raw chicken cubes, only a small handful at a time or you will start boiling the chicken, instead of sautéing. Let it cook and again add a well to add more chicken. Continue this process until all the chicken is cooked. Stir all ingredients in the pan too, to prevent burning ( of course).

8. Remove half of the ingredients from the pan and place to the side for now.

9. Turn down heat to medium low heat.

10. Place all the 33/34 % cream in microwave for a couple of minutes. You don’t want to add cold cream or it may curdle.

11. Place burner on LOW heat.

12. Slowly add cream to pot with half of ingredients , stirring throughout.

13. Once your pasta is close to being done, reserve half cup of the pasta water and stir into the cream mixture.

14. Drain Fettuccine and add to the cream mixture. Mix throughout until we’ll incorporated.

15. Add back the half of ingredients you placed to the side. The reason you do this, is to make it easier to mix in the fettuccine. Slowly mix throughout until all nicely incorporated. Salt and Pepper to taste. Careful with the salt ; your guests can add additional salt and pepper if need be.

16. Turn off heat.

17. Add a nice small handful of parmigiano reggiano ; stir in throughout.

18. Serve portions onto serving plate and sprinkle on more parmigiano reggiano. Top with a fresh sprig of basil, but not necessary. Add your favourite crusty bread or garlic toast.

Goditi la tua pasta ! Salute !

Cheers !

Chef Bari

Please purchase my cookbook Canadian Recipes of the Great White North to help the costs of my website and to enjoy my book, of course. Much appreciated it !

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