What do you wish you could do more every day?

I wish to travel more than I do . Getting up in years, I have little time left to visit my Grandpas hometown, Corropoli, in southern Italy. As you may know, I am a retired Chef on a strict financial budget.

Retirement has its pros and cons. Even though you have done everything right for retirement, you can’t control the rising economy or the politics in my country, Canada.

Can’t really complain about my position, simply because there are a lot of people in retirement who can’t even afford groceries. But, if I could wish , these are my wishes :

  • Visit Italy for three months.
  • Ideally have a larger home where I can support my grandchildren. A home where a Chefs Kitchen with open concept plan rocks the best of all kitchens.
  • Able to visit Vegas three times per year.
  • Enjoy Hawaii for two months per year .
  • Live in a warmer area in Canada, preferably back home in the Okanagan ( Due to rising real estate costs, it’s now impossible to live in the Okanagan.

All of the above wishes are just that. It’s not a need, it’s more of a want.

Cheers !

Chef Bari


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