Travelling Chef

How do you unwind after a demanding day?

I plan for my next trip to Las Vegas. Vacations are important to me, as it’s a time to forget about regular living and enjoy yourself and wellbeing. Even in retirement mode, it’s still important to get out of your daily rut and experience something exciting and new. Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.

It’s harder to afford a vacation when in retirement , because you’re always on a tight budget; meaning you can’t go anywhere for a couple of years, where you can go every year while working full time. Therefore, this is the reason I am an author where residual income may come in from my books, such as Canadian Recipes of the Great White North, and my science-fiction thriller novel , Black Angels.

Canadian Recipes of the Great White North

Life is really hard. You must make life better for yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

The old saying “ Work hard, play hard, enjoy every moment you’ve got, and remember that waking up every morning is a gift worth celebrating, so embrace the day with gratitude.”

It’s true. After a hard day, make time for yourself and always pay yourself first.

Cheers !

Chef Bari


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