Creme Almond Banana Anglaise Pie ( WW STYLE)

In the last year as a Chef I’ve decided to eat healthier so I can feel better about myself. Overweight is NOT fun. It’s been a long year with WeightWatchers ( WW) however I lost 53 lbs so far.

I’m always trying out new healthier recipes and make sure it’s well TESTED before I share with my foodie friends and family.

The other day I came across a WW recipe using Chickpeas Crust instead of the wafer-crumb version, you always see when making desserts, like cheesecake, for example. That drew my interest, because chickpeas are zero points.

SO – without further ado – here’s my healthy version (good-for-you) of Creme Almond Banana Anglaise Pie.

Creme Almond Banana Anglaise Pie

Chickpeas Crust :

NOTE : Chickpea Crust is NOT like Pie crust. It’s not flaky and more like a soft cookie-type-of-crust. IF this is not for you, go with the conventional graham-cracker pie crust.


1 can ( 15 oz/ 540 ml) of Chickpeas

2 tablespoons of cornstarch

2 tablespoons of sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1 egg

Note : Cooking Spray is required too

FIRST : Preheat oven to 400 degrees F


1. Place chickpeas in a food processor and pulse until almost smooth.

2. Add cornstarch, 1 tablespoon sugar, cinnamon, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Add one egg and process until smooth, scraping sides of bowl as needed.

3. Generously coat your pie pan with cooking spray ( Pam) . Be sure you get the sides. Important step to prevent the crust from sticking to pie plate.

4. Place chickpea mixture into your pie plate. ( Tip : wet your fingers with water) Now start evenly placing the chickpea mixture onto the bottom and half way up the sides of your pie plate.

5. TIP : In the beginning I used a scraper but then found my fingers did a better job, as the chickpea mixture just kept sticking to the scraper. If you want and you have a metal scraper, you can heat it up in hot water and then smooth out the chickpeas easier. However, my fingers did the best job.

6. Place in 400 degree oven for 30 – 35 minutes ( depending on your oven) Should have a nice dry golden brown crust – See my photo )

Creme Almond Anglaise Banana Pie Filling


6 Bananas – 3 purées for pudding and 3 sliced for on top of pie

2 1/2 cups of Almond Milk

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/4 cup of of Splenda sugar or regular sugar

1/4 cup of cornstarch mix into another 1 cup of cold Almond Milk – mix until smooth.

4 egg yolks

2 tablespoons Butter

1 teaspoon of Vanilla

1/2 tub of Kool Whip


Warm up milk with sugar. Keep stirring from preventing the milk from burning on the bottom.

Add cornstarch slurry to warm milk and banana purée. Whip with wire whip . Cook until thickened. Must be thick and yet easy to pour.

Turn off heat.

Separate your eggs.

Mix 4 egg yolks well with 1 tablespoon of butter and vanilla.

Stir in egg yolk mixture into the milk mixture.

Turn heat back on and whip until incorporated.

Once it’s nice and thick, pour it into your pie crust or in my case the sweet chickpea crust with yummy cinnamon.

Top with a generous portion of sliced bananas ( 2-3 bananas)

Place in fridge to cool for 2 hours before serving. Important Step.

Top with Kool Whip and if you like, AND add more bananas on top, but not necessary.

Cut into 6 even slices and enjoy.

WW : 5 points per slice ( approximately 125 calories)

Hope you enjoyed my TESTED recipe WW version using my Cream Almond Banana Anglaise Pie.

It’s good for you and a lot less calories then a typical Cream Anglaise, using Almond Milk.

NOTE : The Almond won’t be as white as cream or milk but damn it takes good !

Cheers !

Chef Bari




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