Medals and Accomplishments – Chef Bari


Thank you for stopping by and your interest in Chef Bari. I’m retired from the hospitality field, however I had a full filled career as an certified Red Seal Executive to Personal Chef working at the finest Resort Hotels and Private Clubs across Alberta and British Columbia for 20 years. Before, I spent an additional 10 years, working up from Cook 1 , II, III, Sous Chef, Chef, Executive Chef.

I’m experienced in large banquets, dining, menu planning to architectural designing kitchens. With a seven year background in architectural drafting, before my Chefs career, I was able to redesign kitchens, suited for chefs and cooks in mind.

I believe these examples below speak for my abilities :

  • Planned and supervised large-scale banquets and catering events resulting in a 75 percent profit margin in a two year timeline.
  • Designing high quality menus featuring fresh local products from our community.
  • Reducing food cost control margins by 25 – 50 percent, depending on customer or membership design.
  • Organized a friendly working environment with front and back staff, where the outcome was providing detailed service and care for our customers and/or members.
  • Received the gold and bronze medallion during the Alberta and International Culinary Salons competition.
  • Membership Director for the C.C.F.C.C. / Culinary Chefs Association for a two year period, from 2000 – 2002.
  • Membership of the C.C.F.C.C. from 1989 – 2009 with Edmonton and Okanagan Branch.
  • Received Top Apprenticeship Award in 1989 with NAIT and presented through the Culinary Chefs Association at The Derrick Golf and Winter Club in Edmonton.
  • Worked under Chef Marcel Paron of The Derrick Golf and Winter Club.
  • Volunteer along with the C.C.F.C.C. with the Charity receptions such as the Telerama for 1990 and 1992 at the Mayfield Hotel in Edmonton.
  • Published Regional Cookbook — Canadian Recipes of the Great White North in 2003 in memory of our daughter Jenni. My book layout was formatted with children in mind, the Great Outdoors and for parents, to be able to interact with their children. It’s more than just a cookbook, with wildlife illustrations by children artist, Diane Lucas from Nova Scotia.
  • TV Afternoon Chef Host for CFRN Edmonton— Live Show, showcasing my recipe of the day.

Celebrity Encounters

I was honoured to have the opportunity to have served celebrities, such as : Wayne Gretzky, the LA Kings, Edmonton Eskimos, Brook Shields, Kenny Rogers and my all time favourite, Ronny Lancaster.

Ronny Lancaster ( RIP ) was all time “American-Canadian professional football player and coach in the Canadian Football League (CFL). As the starting quarterback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders for 16 seasons, he led the team to its first Grey Cup championship in 1966 and is the franchise’s all-time leader in passing yards, attempts, completions, touchdowns, and interceptions.” **

When I first met Ron Lancaster at the Edmonton Petroleum Club ( where I worked as “ Day Sous-Chef” at the time ) he and his team, The Edmonton Eskimos were eating their supper before the home game in the allotted time of 4 hours. It was mandatory Football Players eat a lot of carbs and protein before each game. It was vital they had enough energy to win their next game.

Ron called me over, asking what’s in the bolganaise ( meat sauce) recipe, because every time they played in Edmonton and ate at the Edmonton Petroleum Club (eating the bolganaise sauce) the Edmonton Eskimos Player won ! I laughed at his response, thinking he was just jostling me – lol.

I said,” Yes sir! Mr Ron Lancaster, how may I help you ?”

Remember him frowning at me and then with a grin he said,” My friends call me Ronny. From now on, call me Ronny.”

To make it short, I gave him my grandfathers Italian recipe, handed down generation to generation. In turn, I received two tickets to the game. From then on, every time he was in Edmonton Home Team Game, he called on me. Ronny was such a down-to-earth warm human being. That’s something I’ll never forget. His firm grip on my shoulders gave me that father-son feeling, as my real father wasn’t like that at all. Ronny was indeed a great man and I’m glad I had a chance to meet our Canadian Football SuperStar !

I’m not a Super Star celebrate Chef but I’ve had my turn of 15 minutes fame.


As said, I’m now retired from the hospitality industry, but you can follow me on these sites, cooking up a storm!


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