Super Quick Meals

Are you in a rush ? The typical scenario is your coming home late from work or the kids are having an event at school and you’re rushed to make a hot meal. Normally you would head to the closest fast-food drive-through to order your dinner. You know it’s not nutritious and causes an unbalanced […]

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Winter Red Lentil and Ham Soup

It’s winter here in the Canadian Northwest, otherwise known as The Great White North for good reason. Warm comfort dishes are indeed a welcome feature during our long winters.  Hot Soups warm the soul. Today’s recipe is ‘Winter Lentil and Ham Soup – I hope you enjoy making this hearty soup along with me.  Winter […]

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Old Fashion Apple Pie

Originally posted on chefbari:
You’ve heard the old saying before,” As American as Apple Pie” Well, this time it’s “O Canada, it’s time to make Apple Pie.”  I’m not sure why, but I always get this urge to make an Apple Pie in December- Go figure! My Apple Pie by Chef Bari is using the…