Christmas Season/ Baking Cookies/ Gifts

Christmas season is my favourite time of the year. It’s a time of celebration, and what better way to celebrate with homemade Christmas cookies, such as sugar cookies, and Ginger cookies for one.

Another way to enjoy Christmas is by purchasing my themed cookbook “ Canadian Recipes of the Great White North” ; It’s a perfect Christmas gift sure to explore throughout the vast Canadian Northwest Country. A fun cookbook for the whole family , featuring children’s interactive sections throughout my cookbook, including their own recipes

to try.

Not only does my cookbook give you a taste of the wild Northwest Region where Kinnickinnick and Buffalo berries grow, the Great White North features Canadian favourites, such as the French Canadian classic ‘Tartes au Sucre’ ( Canadian Sugar Pie).

But don’t worry ; any themed wild ingredients are easily interchangeable with my suggested domestic meat or vegetable dish at the end of each recipe.

Our Great Canadian Cookbook is also a storyteller, featuring the remarkable adventures of the Great Gold Rush to amazing true stories, like my close call with a 1200 lb Bull moose.

In the Northwest it’s common to see herds of whitetail deer, a mother moose and her calf, thundering caribou herds, charging Elk, wandering 900 lb Grizzly, cougars, soft-footed lynx’s, curious Black Bears and Arctic Char weighing over 20 lbs., all without our Canadian wilderness.

Our Canadian Rocky Mountain National Parks may be wild, but it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a family camping excursion, grilling over the campfire with my featured recipes.

Canadian Recipes of the Great White North is also home for my ‘Home Sweet Home’ Chapter, offering strawberry cheesecake to a Double-Chocolate Mousse ( moose ) Cake.

You’ll also find Pasta dishes to a Cornish Game Hen trick and our Grannies secret Bun recipe, only found in my book.

It’s the prefect book to take camping for the whole family and makes a wonderful gift.

Get Your Copy of my cookbook today !

Eat Well and Be Well my friends,

Chef Bari


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